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We Transform your business for the future.
We bring them into reality.

15 years of industrial experience in Application development and updated with the latest trending technologies.We know the right turn you must make to change your business to the next exponential growth.

  • 2018

    The Foundation of DigiPinTechnology
    The beginning of DigiPinTechnology was laid by three members: Jackie Moodle, Alan Morray and Burrow Kills. Back in 2018, three passionate young pupils, whose major is Information Technology, had discussed with each other about starting a company to deliver technological & digital services in an old rented apartment.
  • 2019
    DigiPinTechnology Toddler year
    DigiPinTechnology had been operating for 1 year when it reached the Toddler age in the company’s history. We created first application for Enterprise solutions and rolled out to few clients.
  • 2020
    DigiPinTechnology Virtual Mode
    This year the world took challenges to opportunities, along with the world we too transformed to the the virtual environment. Started our new product development on Distribution Management System and rolled out to few new clients.
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