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e-Commerce Software System

This software is designed to sell the client products electronically. This software provides an option to browse the client products directly from anywhere that will increase the sale and service of the client or customers. The endusers can get all the producted related informations like color, size, brand,availability, offers, etc on a single click.

We can help your Distribution business by providing you a complete management software accessible through Web or Mobile. These applications can be provided to the retailers/Customers to get your automated order updates

Inventory Management

Control all the product details on a single page, where you will have the stocks details – Stock In , stock Out and Damaged stock details. New Stocks can also be added and updated.

Order Management

Your retailers’ orders can be tracked on this Page with price and Status of the order. You can also generate generated with the payment details and retailer information

Delivery Management

Maintain the logistics details like how much load was sent each time and fine tune the numbers and save money.

Return Management

Maintain the returned goods details from the retailers using manual entry or automated entry from customer side.

Outstanding & Collections

Simple reports to view and manage the outstanding and collection amounts from the customers on a user friendly UI.

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