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ERP Software

Our ERP software will provide a single dashboard having Sales, Payments summary, Order Status and Stocks on a Single Page with graphical representation that makes you take decisions on your business with ease.

Sales and Expenses

Our application will enable to create a invoice, manages sales showing all the invoices saved. Also enables you to manage the expenses with simple understandable format.

Customer Management

Customer Management will have a ledger for the customer details and enables you to read and modify the details at ease.

Supplier Management

Business cannot run without supplier management. There may be numerous suppliers and our application helps you to track all the supplier details and make decisions.

Product Management

Product is the key for any business and we can’t go wrong in the product management. Our application provides the insight of Stocks and products information to keep it handy and provide the right notifications while you don’t go out of stock.

Manage Employee

Employee Dashboard gives you a glimpse of employee details and show the working days and maintains attendance system. You can view the days worked vs days on leave or training. You can also calculate the wages as per the work schedule.

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